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Melbourne: World’s most liveable city … again

Well, well, news just in has Melbourne once again at the top of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Survey. It’s the fourth year running our town has claimed top spot, with three other Australian cities making the cut, too. This comes on the back of the (perhaps slightly less prestigious) ranking by Conde Nast Traveller, whose survey declared Melbourne to be the world’s friendliest city, tied with Aukland. Apparently we have a ‘wonderful sense of humour’ and we are ‘one of the classiest cities in the world’ to boot. Take that, LondonParisMilanNewYork! You did good, Melbourne; you did good.   Advertisements

Introducing Ning Xue

Who are you? My name is Ning. I am an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. I came from China. How long have you lived in Melbourne? Eight years. Why Melbourne? It is a beautiful living space on this planet. I enjoy the free and dynamic atmosphere. I found the pace of life here just right for me — not too fast, not too slow. I love the bright sunshine, fresh air, lovely birds and plants, cute night animals, ever-changing clouds and starry night sky. Friendly and genuine people everywhere. Also, it is a harmonious, diverse and multicultural community; people tend to respect and understand other people from different backgrounds. You can choose from any lifestyles: urban, suburban, farm, bush, mountain, seaside… What do you like to create and why? I draw simply because I love it. I love to be versatile and try to eliminate all boundaries. Drawing is all about play and fun. I love random things, simple lines, freehand brushwork, textures, collage. I love to draw animals, human beings, human beings with animal heads, …

Brunswick community space

Recently, a section of a short dead-end road opposite Barkly Square in Brunswick was transformed into a community space. I stumbled across an event here one day, where people were dancing in the street and painting the road with beautiful colours. You’ll also find some lovely street art here, including yarn bombs and gorgeous poster art. There are some large umbrellas and recycled crates to sit on if you feel like relaxing on Sydney Road. These community spaces only work if the community gets involved, so if you’re a Brunswick local why not check it out? Update: The Brunswick Community Art Space no longer exists.  

(yarn) bombs away

          All photos by Marleena Forward.   These amazing yarn bombs recently graced the trees in Melbourne’s City Square. Unfortunately this display has now finished, but if you’re keen to see some more beautiful bomb sites, head to the inner northern suburbs and you’ll be sure to spot a few.