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Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not get some fresh air and join the undead for a touch of spring marauding at the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle?

Sure, you could saunter through an art gallery, relax at a pretty picnic or just generally enjoy being alive, but what’s that compared with limping, drooling and rotting your way down Collins Street whilst terrifying small children?

Yes, people, the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle is actually a thing. Whether you’re keen to join the walking dead or just run from them screaming, this Saturday is the time to do it. The Shufflers will gather at 11am at the Treasury Gardens, then stagger their way down towards the Queen Victoria Gardens (opposite the NGV). See the MZS Facebook page for full details. If you’re wondering about the dress code, check out this photo gallery for some inspiration. You may also want to consult the MZS’s five rules of participation (the general idea being ‘no dickheads’).

Happy ravaging!

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2014

Date: 11 October 2014

Time: 11am

Meeting place: Treasury Gardens, 2-18 Spring Street, East Melbourne

Treasury Gardens map


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