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Introducing Ning Xue

Who are you?

My name is Ning. I am an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. I came from China.

How long have you lived in Melbourne?

Eight years.

Why Melbourne?

It is a beautiful living space on this planet. I enjoy the free and dynamic atmosphere. I found the pace of life here just right for me — not too fast, not too slow. I love the bright sunshine, fresh air, lovely birds and plants, cute night animals, ever-changing clouds and starry night sky. Friendly and genuine people everywhere. Also, it is a harmonious, diverse and multicultural community; people tend to respect and understand other people from different backgrounds. You can choose from any lifestyles: urban, suburban, farm, bush, mountain, seaside…

What do you like to create and why?

I draw simply because I love it. I love to be versatile and try to eliminate all boundaries. Drawing is all about play and fun. I love random things, simple lines, freehand brushwork, textures, collage. I love to draw animals, human beings, human beings with animal heads, or I just make creatures with my forever-leaking flat-head fountain pen. My little characters are living in their own world — a surreal place of solitude. I also create crafts: brooches, resin jewellery and badges decorated with my illustrations.

Drawing is a thinking process to me. It can be triggered by very small things: a mark or a crease on paper as a starting point, then I just let it flow and expand with lines, shapes. The process may be driven by stream of consciousness. I love to make drawing as a way of communication; it can be a reflection of my life experience, attitude and motion. It is ‘me’ at that moment. I feel I’ve left a trace of my thoughts and my existence in time and space.

Self portrait by Ning Xue.

Self portrait by Ning Xue.

Favourite restaurant?

My kitchen at home.

Favourite nightspot?

Corner Hotel, Cinema Nova, ACMI, watching street artists perform in the city…

Where do you take visitors when you’re showing them around the city?

The Rose Street Artists’ Market in Fitzroy, and the laneways in the city.

Any final tips, raves, rants, thoughts?

Everything can inspire you when your mind is open and relaxed. Just keep your eyes sensitive and look at everything as though you have just come to this planet. I appreciate everything in front of me, and accept everything that’s happened to me. To me, life itself is an art form: the art of existence.

You can check out more of Ning’s beautiful creations on her website, or catch her from time to time selling her work at the Rose Street Artists’ Market.



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