Month: May 2014

Free public lectures in Melbourne

“Learning never exhausts the mind,” said the great Leonardo da Vinci. Another wise man had similarly encouraging words for his readers: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” That was Dr Seuss. We are never too old to learn. And, in Melbourne, not being enrolled in a university course doesn’t mean you can’t go to university. Several of the city’s largest universities host free public lectures on a weekly or biweekly basis. If you’re craving some juicy brain food, check out the public lecture series at The University of Melbourne in Parkville, Monash University in Caulfield or Clayton, and La Trobe University in Bundoora. You can find more info on talks and lectures in Melbourne (not all free, mind) by clicking here.   Advertisements

Lentil as Anything

Nestled among the trees in graceful Abbotsford Convent by the Yarra River is a little Melbourne miracle. Lentil As Anything is a volunteer-run restaurant and cafe serving up simple, hearty self-serve vegetarian food that is, quite literally, priceless. Payment at Lentils works through an honour system whereby diners give whatever they can afford. There are no cash registers here — no waiters handing out bills. There’s just a little wooden box asking for donations — whatever you feel your meal is worth. Photos by Marleena Forward Originally opened in 2000 in St Kilda, Lentils is now a registered not-for-profit organisation with four restaurants in operation: St Kilda, Abbotsford, Preston and Footscray. The Lentil As Anything website explains its evolution and philosophy thus: “Money was influencing the trends in the community, leaving many disenchanted. Lentil As Anything aimed to re-engage those who where left behind. It seemed that money was often a barrier to people participating … We used the money left in the box to run the restaurant. Money became a unifying force. Trust began to feel at home. The quest …