Month: April 2014

Anzac — a documentary

As many of you will know, tomorrow is Anzac Day, an annual memorial day held in Australia and New Zealand on 25 April to remember victims of war. A while ago I came across this 55-minute BBC audio documentary about the Anzac legend produced in December 2012 by Sharon Mascall and introduced by Australian author Thomas Keneally (best known for his book Schindler’s Ark). While it may seem strange turning to a Brit to tell us about the Anzacs, this doco — which includes many interviews with veterans and experts — is worth a listen. The piece explores not only the history of the Anzac story, but also the significant effect that it has had on Australia’s national identity.   BBC Audio Documentary: Anzac   For more information on the 2014 Anzac Day ceremony, visit the Shrine of Remembrance website.   Advertisements