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How to survive a heatwave (in Melbourne)

Batten down the hatches, Melbourne. We’re in for a scorcher.

With temperatures set to peak at 43 degrees Celsius today, and the next few days hovering around 40, I figure now’s the time to pass on some hard-earned advice on how to keep cool in Melbourne’s summer heat.

Option 1: Fortify

Assuming you don’t have air conditioning at home and you don’t want to brave the heat outside, the next best tactic is to keep your house cool by closing all windows and doors in the early morning, blocking out the sun, sitting in front of a fan and keeping a water bottle handy. Ice blocks and wet towels highly recommended.

Option 2: Take a plunge

Although a common response to 43 degrees is hitting the beach, this can be a mixed blessing. Yes, there is cooling sea water, but often there isn’t much shade, without which you will boil and burn. A tree-lined river or water hole can be a better option. You can find some lovely swimming spots along the Yarra River: check out Laughing Waters in Eltham, or Pound Bend Reserve in Warrandyte. If your heart’s set on the beach, St Kilda and Port Melbourne are the closest beaches to the CBD. Wherever you go, just remember to slather on the sunscreen, keep out of the sun and drink lots of water.

Option 3: Seek thee AC

If you just can’t handle the idea of 43 degrees without air-conditioning, find some. Shopping centres, cinemas, libraries — here you can languish in perfect thermostatically controlled temperatures. This may be the day to catch up on those movies you’ve been planning to see…

Good luck!


    • the melbourne local says

      Air con — you lucky thing! Hopefully it’ll be the last heatwave for a while. This cool weather is such a relief.

  1. Laura says

    You are right, not much shade at the beach. But if you are desperate the way I usually am, use mornings and late evenings to dip into that cooling water. I would go for a swim, stand up paddle boarding or even take my dog for a swim (that poor thing must be suffering as well). I have written a few ideas down after the hot period last week: Stay cool!

    • the melbourne local says

      True, mornings and evenings are a great time for swimming. Thanks!

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