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Acústico Café

Two years ago, Diego Iraheta opened a tiny one-room coffee stop called Acústico Cafe on Union Street, near Jewell Station in Brunswick. For a time, this place remained a somewhat hidden secret behind dark tinted windows — a caffeine pit-stop for a handful of locals.

Gradually, however, Diego realised the cafe was outgrowing its premises, so he opened the back room to create a lounge area furnished with recycled bits and bobs, including a couple couches and a stripped-back piano. Here, the large industrial side-door is rolled up in warm weather for an ‘outside-in’ feel, and there’s a steady flow of well-chosen, laid-back tunes to soothe the ears.

The coffee at Acústico is tasty and the food is delicious and reasonably priced. The Latin-American influenced menu rotates every few months to keep things interesting — check the Acústico facebook page for recent additions. This is where you’ll also find details of any gigs and other events happening at the cafe, which aims to be a hub for the local artistic community.

Acustico menu_The Melbourne Local

Acústico is the sort of place where you can sit and open a newspaper or do some work without being hassled — a great choice for a slow breakfast or relaxed coffee date.

Acústico Café

Address: 32 Union St, Brunswick

Tel: 0402 489 800


Opening hours: 7am–4pm daily

Damage: $10–$15
Acustico Cafe map
Read more reviews at Acustico on Urbanspoon

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