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Night Noodle Market 2013

From today until 30 November the Alexandra Gardens will be transformed into a Night Noodle Market, complete with over 25 hawker-style food stalls, four bars for all your boozy needs and nightly entertainment.

Held as part of The Age Good Food Month, the market will kick off at 5pm on weekdays and from 4pm on weekends. Click here for a full list of participating stalls.

Tuesday 19 November 2013


I haven’t made it to the Night Noodle Market yet, but I’ve heard feedback from a few readers that the queues at the market stalls are atrocious. One said she had to wait an hour and a half for food. If you’ve been to the NNM, let us know how your experience went by commenting below!

Night Noodle Market 2013

Dates: 18–30 November 2103

Address: Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne

Opening hours: Monday–Tuesday 5–9pm; Wednesday 5–10pm; Thursday–Friday 5–11pm; Saturday 4–10pm; Sunday 4–9pm
Alexandra Gardens



    • Anne Marie says

      We (3) arrived at 7pm.

      Seriously, unless we were prepared to wait in line for an hour, to grab a tasting, this Event, was a Non- Event.

      We ended up ditching the inagural Noodle Market, & eating in Southbank… to be fed.

      It’s a shame, as we were looking forward to this innagural Noodle Market experience…

      • the melbourne local says

        That’s such a shame! I also heard from someone else last night that they had to stand in a queue for an hour and a half to get food. Very disappointing. Thanks for the heads up, anyway!

      • the melbourne local says

        Hopefully the organisers will realise it’s a huge negative and change things for next year… No one likes a queue, especially when you’re hungry!

  1. The only time I was free was a few days before it closed and it was drizzling with rain all evening, which meant no queues for me 🙂 The ONLY place I queued up at was Chin Chin and even then I only waited about 3 or 4 minutes. Never thought I’d say this but yay for rain!

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