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Don Don Japanese restaurant

Melbourne’s delicious and cheap range of authentic Asian food has to be one of the things I love most about this city. And Don Don Japanese restaurant on Little Lonsdale Street in the CBD ticks all the right boxes.

This eatery, which used to be tucked into a tiny room on upper Swanston Street, has now stretched its wings a little in its new location. But beware: this place still booms at busy times of the day. (I remember my first experience ordering food at the old Don Don during the lunchtime crush — it was really quite scary.)

The food here isn’t the best in Melbourne, but it is tasty and very cheap; most meals are between $6 and $9. My favourite is the yummy soba salad (noodles with salad and tofu), although a very hungry tummy might prefer one of the larger meals.

A great pick for a quick, affordable city meal.

Don Don

Address: 198 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Tel: 9670 7113
Don Don map
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  1. I think this place is an fantastic alternative to fastfood. Don’t be afraid of the long lines, these guys are faster than Macca’s. When it’s wet and cold the terriyaki or japanese style curries a great too.

    • the melbourne local says

      So true! Why would anyone go to a fast-food place when there are such delicious and equally fast (and comparably priced) restaurants like this around? Thanks for the comment!

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