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Vote Compass: where do you stand?


Vote Compass_The Melbourne Local

The Australian federal elections are fast approaching. With only four sleeps to go until the big day, Australians will (I hope) be giving some serious thought to their voting options.

Unlike most countries in the world, voting in Australia is compulsory. No matter whether you’re interested in politics or not, if you are an Australian citizen you will have to scratch a mark on a ballot paper come Saturday or you’ll risk being fined.

I know where where my vote’s going this year. If you’re feeling unsure, head over to Vote Compass, a tool that can help you compare your values and opinions on policy with those of the major political parties. Hosted by the ABC, Vote Compass has been developed by a non-profit group of political scientists and, as far as I can tell, it’s pretty accurate.

Non-Australian citizens are also free to take the test and see where their values fit into the Australian political landscape.

By the way, in case you missed it, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd appeared on the ABC’s Q&A last night to answer questions put to him by the audience (Opposition Leader Tony Abbott declined to join the show). You can watch it online here.

Australian federal elections 2013

Date: 7 September 2013

More info: visit the Australian Electoral Commission website




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  2. This is a fantastic barometer for your conscience. I voted today in WA. Doing this questionnaire, I feel assured I made good decisions. Thanks for sharing 😀

    • the melbourne local says

      Yes, I was surprised by how closely my values aligned with my party of choice. Not 100% all the way, but pretty close.

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