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regent honeyeater project


Regent honeyeater_The Melbourne Local

Photo: Australian Geographic

Here’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone who finds themselves in Victoria over the next few weeks.

The Regent Honeyeater Project is a volunteer conservation program that works to restore box-ironbark forests in the Lurg Hills of North Eastern Victoria. This bushland was heavily forested in the century following European settlement, resulting in the decimation of a number of native bird and animal species, including the Regent Honeyeater (pictured above).

Each year the RE Project runs seasonal activities such as seed collection, checking nest boxes and tree planting. And, as spring quietly approaches, now is the time for planting.

Photo by Regent Honeyeater Project

Photo: Regent Honeyeater Project

Even if you’ve never done anything like this before, or even if you’re not a particularly passionate environmentalist, I can promise you these planting weekends are a lot of fun. They’re hard work — you’ll be either digging ditches all day or crouching down to plant seedlings — but it’s incredibly satisfying and great to be out in the beautiful Victorian countryside with some friends for a weekend.

If you’re concerned about your budget, don’t be. All you need to do is get yourself to the planting location and pretty much everything else is covered. Accommodation is free, and the RH Project also covers dinner and a BBQ. On Saturday night there’s even a good ol’ country bush dance — hilarious fun after a day’s work.

For details about the planting weekend, including what to bring, download the flyer. To RSVP or ask any questions, contact the project coordinator, Ray Thomas (who, incidentally, was named 2009’s Conservationist of the Year by Australian Geographic). He’s always happy to help.

Regent Honeyeater Project

Dates: 7–8 September, 21–22 September and 5–6 October 2013

Meeting time: 9am

Meeting place: Benalla Ceramic Mural (beside the bridge over Lake Benalla) OR in the township of Winton (large car park near the CFA shed).

Contact: Ray Thomas on (03) 57 611 515 or

Benalla map_The Melbourne Local


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