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the little library at melbourne central


Photo: Marleena Forward

Photo: Marleena Forward


There is something very heartening about The Little Library in Melbourne Central shopping centre. Nestled amongst the chain stores in one of the city’s largest shopping malls is a nook filled with books that may be borrowed or swapped for free. The library works on an honour system — there are no forms to fill, no barcodes to scan. Anyone can simply take a book with no questions asked.

It should go without saying that this honour system must be respected for the library to remain open — but I’ll say it anyway. Let’s keep this lovely little project alive, and become enviably well-read in the process.


The Little Library

Address: The Corner — Level 2, Corner of LaTrobe and Swanston Street, Melbourne

Open daily


The Melbourne Local_Melourne Central map





  1. Daddy Chook says

    Seems crazy that you are able to continue this blog. Technologically understandable. But your brain must be miles away….
    Nice to get updates anyway!

    • the melbourne local says

      Yep, it is a little strange to write about Melbourne from SE Asia. But nice to keep it ticking over…

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