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cheap and cheerful at crossways


If you don’t know where to look, you won’t find it. And trust me, if you’re looking for a cheap lunch in Melbourne’s CBD, you will want to know about this place.

Tucked away up a stairwell on Swanston Street is the Crossways Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant — aka the best value meal in Melbourne.

Two courses. Vegetarian. Papadams. Lassis. Dessert. All you can eat. Cost? $7.50 — or $5.50 for students and concession-card holders.

Yes, I’m being serious.

On the first floor above street level you’ll find a room filled with large tables, which you will most likely share with strangers on a busy day. At the back of the room you’ll find the bain-marie, cutlery and self-serve drinks. There’s no table service here, so make sure you remember to return your dirty dishes to the designated area and scrape any left-overs into the buckets there.

On the second level, you’ll find another room filled with more tables, plus a bookshelf stacked with titles on Indian spirituality. This space is usually nice and quiet — a good option if the main room below is too noisy or full. You can find toilets up here, too.

Unless you have anything against smiling Hare Krishna types wearing flowing robes and chanting on the street every now and then, Crossways will be your new best friend. And what a lovely friend it is.



Address: Level 1–3, 123 Swanston St, Melbourne

Ph: 9650 2939

Open: 11.30am–3.30pm Monday to Saturday

Damage: $7.50 / $5.50 concession

 123 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Read more reviews at Crossways Food For Life on Urbanspoon


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