Month: August 2012

melbourne writers festival

  Flowers are blooming, leaves unfurling. The skies are beginning to clear and the insipid winter sun is finally rediscovering its bite. While our friends in the north sigh with the last throws of summer, here at the bottom of the world the coldest months of the year are finally coming to an end. As Mr Tolstoy once wrote,  ‘Spring is the time of plans and projects’ – a conjecture with which Melbourne clearly agrees. Because in this city, spring brings festivals – and more festivals. And then a few more. It all kicks off on 23 August with the Melbourne Writers Festival, which stitches together the end of winter and the start of spring with a programme full of brain-itching events. The MWF features panel discussions, seminars, book launches, readings, film screenings … the list goes on. This year I’m particularly excited to see a group of events featuring writers and editors from The New Yorker, that bastion of great long-form journalism. Most events cost around the $20 mark, but there are also a number of free ones. Some events are already sold out, so if you’re keen …

get miffed

           Just in case you’re not already onto it, here’s a gentle reminder that the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is running 2–19 August (yep, that’s right now).    The program includes a selection of current cinema releases plus tributes, retrospectives and ‘Talking Pictures’ discussion events. You can check out the festival program and book tickets at the MIFF website.         

Introducing Tajette O’Halloran

    Who are you? My name is Tajette. I’m a photographer, a filmmaker, a left-handed Scorpio. I love cheese and airports, I love the wind and creative magazines. I run my own little photography business called SHOT OF SOUL. How long have you lived in Melbourne? Almost four years now. Why Melbourne? After six years of Sydney and still not feeling at home, I finally came to the freeing realisation I could pack up and leave … and I did. Within two weeks of entertaining the idea in my head I packed everything I owned and drove down the Hume. I fell in love with this city and never left. Favourite cafe? Penny Farthing in Northcote. They see me with the worst bed hair and sleepy eyes every morning and are still so lovely to me. They know my coffee without me having to say a word. It feels a bit like family. Favourite restaurant? I’m a vegetarian so I’m not the most free and easy when it comes to eating out. A few …