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Nowadays, what with the high value of the Australian dollar compared with many major world currencies, Australia is one of the more expensive countries in which to live and travel. For some reason, cinema tickets are particularly pricey in this country; you’ll pay around $18 for a standard adult ticket and up around $22–$25 for 3D films.

But where there’s a will, there’s always a way. Most cinemas have a ‘cheap-arse’ day, always at the beginning of the week, when ticket prices are slashed. Here’s a run-down of inner-city Melbourne’s cheap-arse cinema days and times for your cheap-arse viewing pleasure…


Cinema Nova

Address: 380 Lygon St, Carlton

Cheap arse: Mondays

Tickets: $6 before 4pm, $9 after 4pm


Kino Cinemas

Address: 45 Collins St, Melbourne

Cheap arse: Mondays

Tickets: $7 all day


Sun Theatre

Address: 8 Ballarat St, Yarraville

Cheap arse: Mondays and Tuesdays

Tickets: $10 ($3 extra for 3D)


Astor Theatre

Address: 1 Chapel St, St Kilda 

Cheap arse: Wednesdays

Tickets: $10


Hoyts Cinemas

Address: Various

Cheap arse: Tuesdays

Tickets: $11.50


Village Cinemas

Address: Various

Cheap arse: Tuesdays

Tickets: $11





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