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Introducing Chris Mulhall


Chris Mulhall playing a gig in Melbourne.


Who are you?

My name is Chris. I live in Fairfield. I am a musician. I guitar, I sing, write, produce. I eat food, love to cook it, get inventive with it, shop for it, smell it, feel it, share it, think about it, plant it, watch it grow. Work a casual retail job. Passionate about the environment, sustainability, ethical produce, conservation, awareness, family, friends, music, life.

A city-dwelling, sport-playing, Rudolf Steiner–influenced spiritual being.

How long have you lived in Melbourne?

Twenty-seven years, three months – minus travel times.

Why Melbourne?

Difficult… I was born here and haven’t yet been scared away.

I suppose if you’ve been shown the secret laneways, bars, pubs, festivals, coffee hang-outs, live music venues, markets, gardens, suburbs (north, south, east and now even west all have lovely places to spend a day) then you have cool friends and you’re lucky! That’s the ‘Melbourne’ that we Melbourne folk miss when we’re anywhere else in the world.

The fresh and vibrant farmers’ and community markets are without a doubt simply wondrous! And a good reason to be here. They pop up all over the city.

Favourite cafe?

Meh, it’s too competitive in this city – which is great because there are quite a few pretty amazing little places, so you can’t have a favourite. You just can’t. But honourable mentions – Ora, Penny Farthing, Seven Seeds, Proud Mary’s, Mitte…

Favourite restaurant?

Yong Green Food – healthy, vegetarian, amazing! Al Albero Pizza – biodynamic dough, organic ingredients, orgasmic results. Nostralis Pizza – organic, rennet-free cheese.

Favourite nightspot?

Don’t have one. Check out Brunswick Street, Chapel Street and anywhere in between. You’ll find somewhere you like. There are bars in every inner-city suburb. I tend not to go to the city unless there’s a gig.

Where do you take visitors when you’re showing them around the city?

Botanic gardens, city laneways, St Kilda… If they’re international, maybe a game of footy.

Any final tips, raves, rants, thoughts?

So many wonderful restaurants hidden in the outer suburbs. Thai, Indian, Italian, Japanese (the list is large)… We have our vast multiculturalism to thank for that!

Since chatting with The Melbourne Local, Chris has given up his retail work and now travels the world as a keyboardist and vocalist with Australian band Vance Joy, which supported Taylor Swift on her ‘1989’ tour. He also has his own band — SirJoseph.


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