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home of little heard music

There’s nothing that puts me on edge quite like those annoying commercial radio jocks who think fake laughing at unfunny jokes qualifies as entertainment. And then, just to tip me over the ledge, they follow up by playing some grating bubble-gum pop probably written by a poor jaded muso who now pumps out formulaic tunes from nine to five just to pay the rent.

Depressing stuff.

But then I discovered PBS.

If you like listening to a wide variety of music, from the past as well as the present, tune into 106.7FM. Here you’ll find PBS, a community radio station run by over 200 volunteers as well as a small handful of pros. These folks love their music and generously give their time to produce over 80 specialist music programs, from hip-hop and soul to jazz, funk, Latin, gospel, folk, metal, world music and everything in between.

PBS is a big supporter of the local Melbourne music scene and often showcases tunes by local artists. You’ll also hear the announcers spruiking gigs around Melbourne, so tuning in can be a good way to get a feel for what’s happening around the city.

If you don’t live in Melbourne (or even Australia), you can listen to PBS online. Check out the program guide for a rundown of what’s on offer.




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