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somebody that i used to know



Occasionally, a song comes along that makes you feel as though it’s been written just for you — as though someone has been following your life and taking notes.

Of course, this is the mark of a truly great song. And when a truly great song has the pulling power to make millions of people around the world look over their shoulders and wonder who has been able to capture their experiences so truthfully, a global hit is born.

Melbourne is currently bristling with pride that local singer-songwriter Gotye‘s beautifully painful song ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ is at this moment sitting atop the US charts, and has hit the number one spot in eighteen countries so far. Written by Gotye for his album Making Mirrors, the song also features New Zealand singer Kimbra, who appears with Gotye in the mesmerising music video that was produced and directed by Melbourne filmmaker Natasha Pincus.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have been through a break-up recently, this song can be tough listening, but that’s just another sign of great art. It tells the truth.



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