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bar etiquette

Bar Etiquette in Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Photo: Marleena Forward


This must be one of the most underrated bars in Melbourne. Or at least the bar furthest under the average Melburnian’s radar. Nobody seems to know about it –  even many locals who live in the area are oblivious.

It’s true that Bar Etiquette isn’t particularly noticeable from the outside; the street-front is tiny, and it seems almost to blend in with the shops around it. It’s a bit like that hide-out house in the Harry Potter books – the one that’s jinxed so that humans (sorry, muggles) can’t see it. The eye runs up the street and somehow slips over Bar Etiquette without even registering its presence.

This particular jinx doesn’t just affect the bar’s exterior, either. When you step inside, what looks like a small watering hole magically keeps on growing and growing. Out the back is a small beer garden, but if you wander upstairs you’ll feel as though you’ve rudely stumbled into someone’s share-house. There are three rooms up here, each filled with comfy couches – all a bit dingy and scroungy, but cosy nonetheless.

The staff here are friendly and relaxed, and they’ll keep the drinks coming during the happy hours and beyond. Between 5pm and 9pm, pots of lager, ale and cider are $2.50, pints are $5 and jugs are $10; at all other times, the prices are $4, $8 and $15 respectively (still cheap for an inner-Melbourne bar). There’s also free live music here on a Sunday afternoon, from 4pm.

Oh, and last but not least: Bar Etiquette has a faux-fur-covered arcade machine. Enough said.


Bar Etiquette

Address: 408 Sydney Rd, Brunswick Vic 3056

Tel: 9387 3843

Opening hours: 4pm–1am Monday to Saturday, 3pm–11pm Sunday

408 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056


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