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Let’s talk about the weather


Photo: Marleena Forward


Ah, Melbourne weather. How we love to loathe you.

For the last two months I’ve had two blankets on standby: my light summer one and my billowing winter doona that keeps me warm on the coldest Melbourne nights. Seeing as it’s only just ticked over to Autumn, you might find this a little strange, but we Melburnians are used to it by now. Our weather is as changeable as, well, as the weather.

Today is a particularly pertinent day on which to bring up this subject. Right now, it’s around 2.30pm and it’s only 13 degrees outside. Yesterday was 27 degrees, and throughout last night we all kicked off our doonas in unusual 26-degree heat.

But according to The Age, in the early hours of this morning the temperature dropped by five degrees in only half an hour, then continued to fall from there.

While this extreme meteorological flip-flopping is a bit unusual, Melbourne is famous for its sunny-one-minute, rainy-the-next weather. Many people hate it, especially tourists from Australia’s northern states, who love to ridicule our city for this perceived failing. Personally, I quite like it. I would much prefer to have relief from the summer heat than sweat through three months of plus-30-degree days. And a bit of rain is a lovely thing, every now and then.

So if you find yourself raising your fist to the sky, just take a deep breath and remember where you are. And if you get caught in a rain shower, just take a cue from Gene Kelly and sing in it.

For Australian weather forecasts, check the Bureau of Meteorology’s website.



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