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goodbye possums!

It looks like this is the end of an era, folks.

Melbourne housewife extraordinaire Dame Edna Everage is hanging up her purple wig after more than half a century performing internationally on stage and screen, as The New Yorker‘s John Lahr reported from the Culture Desk yesterday. The comedian behind the dame, Barry Humphries, announced that Edna would be retiring from public life after finishing her farewell tour, ‘Eat Pray Laugh!’.

One puzzling thing about Lahr’s piece was his assertion that Dame Edna ‘will live on in British culture’. Yes, I’m sure she will. As she will live on in US culture, and the cultures of many other nations who loved her comedy. But surely Lahr knows Edna is in fact Australian; she was born in Wagga Wagga and lived in the west Melbourne suburb of Moonee Ponds, as every Melburnian knows. We may still be part of the Commonwealth, but British we most definitely are not.


File:Dame Edna at the royal wedding cropped.jpg

Photo: Aurelien Guichard



  1. helen collyer says

    only squirrels live in uk. edna and her possums are ridgy didge orstralyans loik me an’ yous.

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