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papaw ointment


I feel a little awkward writing about a product on The Melbourne Local. I don’t like the idea of advertising stuff – we all get enough of that in our day-to-day lives – but I’ve decided to make an exception with this particular item. My reasoning is that Papaw Ointment is an Australian product that’s become so popular (in Melbourne, at least) that culturally it’s kind of handy to know about, like Vegemite. It’s one of those things that expat Australians will order specially from home. Also, I have a sentimental connection to this stuff – but more on that in a moment.

Before you accuse me of being a mindless fashion victim for jumping on the Papaw Ointment bandwagon, I say to you this: I was using Papaw Ointment before you were even born! Ok, well, that’s not necessarily true, but these big red tubs of delicious-smelling goodness (mmm, so good) have been a presence in my life for as long as I can remember. In fact – and don’t spread this around too much – when I was little I used to sneak into my parents’ bathroom, find the ointment, unscrew the lid and take a long, luxurious sniff. Then I’d eat some.

I wouldn’t be spruiking this stuff if I didn’t think it would improve your life (or at least your chapped lips, minor burns, chafing and/or nappy rash). I’ll warn you, though, that it doesn’t taste as good as it smells. Just a little tip from me to you.



  1. michela says

    eheh… how could you help it? I have been pining for it since I met you 🙂

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