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Those of you who are hankering after some decent long-form Australian journalism should consider picking up a copy of The Monthly

Established only seven years ago, this sprightly spring chicken of the publishing industry has already built up a loyal following and has one of the fastest-growing readerships of any publication in the country. And for good reason. The Monthly publishes some of Australia’s best writers and thinkers, and its essays – discussing everything from politics and current affairs to society, art and culture – occasionally make headlines even in the news media.

It was The Monthly, for example, that first published Chloe Hooper’s Walkley Award-winning essay ‘The Tall Man: Inside Palm Island’s Heart of Darkness’, which  Hooper went on to expand into a critically acclaimed book. (A documentary based on the book was in turn released last year.) The magazine also regularly features pieces by Australian politicians, which often make waves within the domestic political sphere.

The Monthly‘s past issues can be read online for free, and a current issue will set you back $8.95. A yearly subscription of eleven issues is priced at $69.95. A newy but a goody.




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