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joe’s shoe store


Joe’s Shoe Store in High St, Northcote. Photo: Marleena Forward


I was at Joe’s Shoe Store the other day and happened to ask the bartender whether they have a website.

He looked at me doubtfully. ‘God no,’ he said. ‘We’re not that organised.’

That pretty much sums up this cosy little bar in High St, Northcote. Not unorganised, as such, but definitely low-key. Small, simple bar; small, simple beer garden. No fuss.

The Shoe Store’s forte is a large selection of local and imported beers and wines, and you can order gourmet pizzas at the bar which come direct from Meine Liebe next door. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is uber relaxed.

This is a great place to kick back, listen to some vinyl and enjoy the little things in life.

Joe’s Shoe Store

Address: 233 High St, Northcote Vic 3070

Tel: 9482 7666

Damage: Pot $5 / pint $10; house wines $7; cocktails $12-20

233 High St, Northcote VIC 3070

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