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fly birdman, fly!

That’s right, the Moomba Festival is upon us once again over this long Labour Day weekend.

There’s fireworks, live music (including performances from Australian artists Josh Pyke and The Panics), a waterskiing competition and a good old-fashioned parade on Monday.

But everybody’s favourite at Moomba is the Birdman Rally, whereby  competitors sweep through the air across the river with ingenious homemade wings attached to their arms. (Ok, I exaggerate. In reality, a bunch of humourously attired and testosterone-filled men jump from a four-metre platform flapping their arms madly before splashing painfully into the Yarra. Entertaining nonetheless.)


Moomba Festival: 9-12 March 2012

Birdman Rally: Sunday 11 March, 12pm-2pm

Moomba Parade: Monday 12 March, 11am (starting at the Shrine of Remembrance)

To view the music program, click here.


Moomba Festival 2012

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