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melbourne street art


Snapped in Hosier Lane. The figure in the bottom left corner is by Meggs. Photo: Marleena Forward


I love street art.

I love its rawness. I love its humility. I love its purity. I love that it challenges society to think – or at least look – whether it wants to or not.

Finally, I love seeing people’s creativity out there on the street.

Luckily for me, I happen to live in one of the street-art capitals of the world. Over the last decade or two, a very small (and, until recently, grossly undervalued) slice of Melbourne society has arguably done more for our cultural landscape – and for Melbourne’s tourism sector – than all of our arts funding bodies put together. And they did it illegally.

Hosier Lane in the CBD is the best-known place to see street art; the entire laneway is covered in it, and it’s constantly changing. Other good places to go a-wandering are any of the northern inner-city suburbs like Fitzroy, Northcote and Brunswick, and St Kilda is a hot-spot, too. In particular, look out for the stencil art; this is what Melbourne is best known for.

If you’re interested in learning more about Melbourne’s street-art scene, follow the links…

Wikipedia: Melbourne Street Art page

BBC: A tour of Melbourne street art

The City of Melbourne: Street Art page (includes info for artists and those wanting to commission art)


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