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for my fellow current affairs junkies

Well, a big day in domestic politics today, folks. If you’re a stranger to our shores, you probably won’t know a whole lot about the leadership stoush consuming the Australian Labor Party (ALP) right now.

To fill you in (cue deep breath) … Kevin Rudd was our Prime Minister until Julia Gillard staged a coup in 2010 and kicked him out of office but she only just scraped through the last election to form a very tenuous government to say the least and her Prime Ministership has been rocky and her polls have sucked and last night Rudd resigned from his Foreign Affairs portfolio and today he’s challenged Gillard to a leadership ballot. (Ok, breathe.) To sum up, they all have their heads way too far up their bums and we’re all sick of them.

Having said that, the thought of (Opposition Leader) Tony Abbott becoming our Prime Minister is almost as scary as that time an enormous hairy spider jumped on my neck…

Keen politicos can get up to speed on Australia’s political system here.


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